The children in need of care and protection or in difficult circumstances have the option at JATTU Ashramam of availing themselves of shelter, food, medical care, functional literacy and above all love and protection. We organize an orphanage where 64 children receive a solid base- rooted in our socio-linguistic, cultural ethos. Gandhian approach of basic education i.e., Nai-talim is followed where we interweave academic studies with productive activities such as craft, art and farming, to ensure physical, emotional, intellectual, critical thinking and spiritual growth of the child.

Jattu Ashram, an adobe for Orphan Children, destitute senior citizens and a Community development centre has been organizing awareness campaigns on right to education, protection of child rights, traditional farming methods. Jattu has been motivating donors to contribute for libraries in Government schools in remote rural areas. Libraries have been established in 21 government schools with the support from BREAD Society and local philanthropists. We implement environmental education programme in government schools with the help of CEE-EESAP.

Skill Development Centre for Youth and Rural Entrepreneurs

It is a fact that the youth has a great potential to bring about social transformation. But many rural youth lack soft skills, technical skills and thus find it difficult to get a suitable job. To help the youth overcome the difficulties it is planned to train them on communication skills, micro-level planning, rural enterprises, sustainable development, soft skills and positive reinforcement. Through this youth centre it is also proposed to organize one-on-one counseling and motivational talks.

Handmade Paper Unit

Handmade Paper Unit is being run to generate employment to local youth besides being a source of income to run the Ashram. Paper is made agro-fibres like banana fibre, jute, sisal etc.

Printing and Publishing Unit

A printing and publishing unit is being developed to impart training on printing, publishing, photography and to generate awareness on various aspects of sustainable development. This centre is also used to create awareness on eradication of social evils, propogation of strong ethical and value systems.

Centre for Rural Crafts and Art

To revive rural crafts and artisans, a permanent workshop is to be set up where skills are upgraded. This centre plays the role of a common facility centre to promote and preserve the traditional, local art and craft. Art and craft melas and exhibitions for marketing of the crafts and art are to be organized.

Agriculture research and extension centre on organic farming

With the onset of green revolution investment on agriculture has increased many folds. Indiscriminate application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers had resulted initial growth in cereal production. But it caused an irreversible damage to ecosystems, traditional food crops and health. Through Prakruthi Adi Devobhava' we have been working to protect environment and capture the best practices in sustainable agriculture and help farmers to go back to basics of traditional farming. 'Badinundi Polambadiki', ('From School to Farm School') Programme is to be organized to sensitize people on organic farming. Through this the youth and villagers are being motivated to take up organic farming as a primary and viable livelihood option.

Jattu promotes zero-budget agriculture wherein farmers make their organic pesticides, compost and a cluster of agri-based small scale industries thereby generating a reverse flow of economy i.e., from urban to rural areas in order to build self-reliant, autonomous villages. With the own experiences of Jattu developed "Annapurna" acre food security crop model in Thotapalli field office.

Health and Nutrition Centres

Health and nutrition centres are run to help improve prenatal and postnatal care in the tribal areas. Proper nutrition and medi-care along with other timely interventions like immunization has brought down infant and maternal mortality rates.

Pre Schools

Jattu runs 60 pre-schools in tribal areas to initiate pre-school children into joyful learning.

Jattu Trust Activities in a glance

    Jattu Products

  • Handmade Papers
  • Files, Greetings cards
  • Gift articles, Note books
  • Diaries, lampshades
  • Carry bags, Visiting cards, Wedding cards
  • Banana fibre and fibre products
  • Paper Jewellery
  • Herbal Bath Powder, Soap
  • Herbal tooth powder

    Jattu Needs

  • Solar Power System
  • Ambulance
  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Organic farmers' training centre.


We are in need of committed volunteers, special educators, agriculturists, horticulturists and above all- kind hearted persons whose passion is to serve others. We need help in teaching academics, sports, music, dance, farming, gardening etc. Interested persons could write to us at