JATTU, in Telugu language means a 'team', is coined so to rejuvenate our collective fiduciary responsibility towards society. As the name indicates Jattu is coming together of like-minded people to pursue common dreams of making this world little more beautiful. Jattu is registered under Trust Act on 1 May 1998 and we work with Jatapu, Savara, Gadaba, Kondadora tribes, and others backward classes Vizianagaram Dt, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Jattu aims at bringing Gandhian philosophy of socio-economic development into a reality. It promotes various means of creating wealth from what is commonly treated as waste or underutilized human and material resources for societal development. It aims at addressing the socio-economic problems without losing sight of our commitment to environment and future generations. By creating micro-rural, social enterprises Jattu aspires for a higher standard of life that is more intellectual, more humane, more just and more spiritual than it is at present.


  • Building development centres for children, youth and women
  • Promoting Sustainable farming practices
  • Promoting Eco-friendly rural micro-industries
  • Preserve and promote local art and culture.
  • Setting models to adapt non-conventional energy systems
  • Improve and increase people participation in all Government and social activities
  • Realization of functional literacy, good health and education.
  • Building autonomous villages (Gram Swaraj)
  • Helping youth to find out their strengths and unleash their potential for the development of the nation

Ongoing Activities

  • Home for parentless children and destitute senior citizens
  • Skill development and training centre for youth, social entrepreneurs
  • Handmade Paper Unit
  • Banana Fibre Unit
  • Printing and publishing unit
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Centre for rural crafts and art
  • Health and Nutrition Centres
  • Pre- Schools
  • Plantation

Our Work

The children in need of care and protection or in difficult circumstances have the option at JATTU Ashramam of availing themselves of shelter, food, medical care, functional literacy and above all love and protection. We organize an orphanage where 64 children receive a solid base- rooted in our socio-linguistic, cultural ethos. Gandhian approach of basic education i.e., Nai-talim is followed where we interweave academic studies with productive activities such as craft, art and farming, to ensure physical, emotional, intellectual, critical thinking and spiritual growth of the child.

Jattu Ashram, an adobe for Orphan Children, destitute senior citizens and a Community development centre has been organizing awareness campaigns on right to education, protection of child rights, traditional farming methods. Jattu has been motivating donors to contribute for libraries in Government schools in remote rural areas. Libraries have been established in 21 government schools with the support from BREAD Society and local philanthropists. We implement environmental education programme in government schools with the help of CEE-EESAP.

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