Who we are :

As a part of a group of organisations and institutions founded by Mr Azim Premji, we aspire to facilitate a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society.

We aim to do this by providing grants (and other support where appropriate) to organisations whose work has significant potential to contribute to social change in a synergistic manner.

Our grants will support efforts that create tangible and sustainable improvements in the lives of deeply disadvantaged, impoverished, under served and marginalized sections of people and pay special attention to those who are likely to be excluded from the development process. The grants will also support efforts that contribute in other ways to a broader strengthening of institutions and promoting our aim of facilitating a just, equitable and sustainable society.

We recognize that social change is multidimensional and will be the outcome of several different kinds of initiatives and interventions working synergistically. We will work collaboratively with the Government as well as other actors.

What we do :

We support identified partner organisations and institutions (not individuals) through grants and help build their capacity and strategy (wherever appropriate).

We do not invest in businesses; even those that consider themselves a social enterprise.

What we aspire for is, significant, measurable and scalable impact at the systemic level that translates into tangible improvements in the lives of people. It is our thinking (philosophy) that impact is greatest when projects attempt to tackle root causes rather than focus on amelioration.

We support several different kinds of interventions, ranging from the direct provision of basic amenities and services to indirect interventions such as those that facilitate institutional development, learning, awareness building, networking, research, and advocacy.

How we work :

We start by identifying areas that we wish to work on. Once we commit to an area of need, we define our major goals and identify a clear path to achieving them. We proactively reach out to potential partners whose work is synergistic with our goals and our identified path to achieve social change. We periodically put out specific requests for proposals (RFPs) that potential partners can respond to.

Every partnership aims to achieve, within a specific time frame (ranging from 1-2 years to 5-7 years) tangible results that varies depending on the nature of the projects. Both the results and the timeframe are arrived at jointly with our partners.

We treat our Grantees as valued partners and work with them to ensure that the best effort is made towards the success of the project. Where appropriate, we also engage with such organisations to build their capacity and strategy.

All Grant decisions are made by the Board of Directors. In normal circumstances we make Grants on a fixed timetable (typically three times a year). Our Grants are disbursed in instalments and these disbursements are conditional.

We believe that all organizations learn and improve, which is our attempt as well. We are at an early stage of our work and are likely to evolve relatively rapidly, both in terms of our strategy of our work (including in specific domains) and in terms of our processes.

We recognise and accept that we will not be always right and do not claim to be experts in most subject areas.

Despite our good intentions, we won’t always be able to address every grievance, every problem or every opportunity.