About Us


JATTU(Justified action and training for tribal upliftment), in Telugu language means a 'team', is coined so to rejuvenate our collective fiduciary responsibility towards society. As the name indicates Jattu is coming together of like-minded people to pursue common dreams of making this world little more beautiful. Jattu is registered under Trust Act on 1 May 1998 by D. Pari Naidu and we work with Jatapu, Savara, Gadaba, Kondadora tribes and others backward classes of Vizianagaram Dt, Andhra Pradesh, India



Improve sustainable livelihoods, living and lives of poor, particularly from tribal communities,

  •  Honesty and Sincerity
  •  Faith in Poor
  • Transparency and Accountability
  •  People's Participation
  •  Keeping away from bad habits
  •  Imprved quality f life f 20,000 families by 2022
  •  90% pr in Jattu-present villages/clusters in tribal areas f Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh rganized int their wn institutinal architecture
  •  Successfully implemented village/cluster hlistic plans evlved tgether with the cmmunities
  •  Increased incme f a minimum f Rs.50,000/year/family by 2022 and Rs.1,00,000/year/family by 2027
  •  100% Fd Security
  •  Reduced expenditure n health t nt mre than 5% f the ttal expenditure f the family n an average
  •  Value-based nature-riented hlistic schl educatin up t Class 10 fr children at 15 years
  •  Cmmunity with values and healthy respect fr traditinal and cultural ways f living in harmny with nature sustainably
  •  Dignity, Vice and Slidarity in accessing rights and entitlements
  •  Natinal resurce centre in educatin with values, cmmunity health particularly fr cmmunities in tribal areas
  •  Self-reliance in prviding cntinued cre supprt at this scale

List Of Funding Agencies Both National And International

S.NO Name of the Project Funding Agency
1 Maa thota Nabard
2 Rythu clubs Nabard
3 Natueco farming Nabard
4 District resource center & pre schools Indira kranthi padam, government of andhra pradesh
5 Environmental education Center for environment education, andhra pradesh
6 Nutrition re-habilitation center Itda / parvathipuram
7 Non - pesticide management Indira kranthi padam-government of andhra pradesh
8 Inhp (integrated nutrition and health programme) Care- andhra pradesh
9 Care/step (sustainable tribal empowerment project) Care(european community) – india
10 Mobile medical units Health &family welfare department, a.p.
11 Vishwas Netherland embassy
12 District poverty initiatives programme Society of elimination of rural poverty

Profile Of Trustees

S.NO Name Designation Age Occupation Academic Experience (yrs)
1 Dr.P.D.Kameswara Rao Managing Trustee 75 Social Worker M.sc., Phd., 30
2 Dr. D.Pari Naidu Executive Trustee 55 Social Worker MA., M.ed., p.g.d.m.v.w.o.(Phd) 30
3 Sri. A.Kailasa Rao Trustee 62 Govt. Teacher BA., B.ed., 20
4 Sri R.Vasudeva Rao Trustee 63 Retd. Teacher MA., B.ed., 22
5 Kum V.Padmaja Trustee 42 Social Worker M.sc Emptomology 18
6 Sri. M.Pakeerunaidu Trustee 55 Social Worker BA., B.ed., 20