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PitchBook Investors and Buyers search showing a list of investors, investments, HQ location, available dry powder, etc.

Discover the right investors

PitchBook helps you curate and compare a list of investors who are active in your industry, stage and location. Identify and learn more about the individuals who are leading these deals so you can connect with the right contact and create a pitch that speaks to them. Plus, research previous investments to assess investors’ cash on hand and be able to speak to how your company fits into a firm’s investment strategy.

PitchBook Companies and Deals search showing an overview of quick stats, investments over time, top players, etc of companies in FinTech.

Perfect your business plan

Use industry and competitive intelligence to hone your business and product offerings. As the market evolves, inform your strategy by using PitchBook to stay on top of new and emerging companies in your space. See where money is flowing and track competitors’ moves—when they receive funding and where they’re making investments—to better understand the trends driving your industry.

PitchBook Companies and Deals search showing a list of companies with their deal sizes, pre-money valuation, percent acquired, etc.

Grow your business—fast

Leverage PitchBook to dive deep into rapidly growing companies with capital to spend. Chart the growth of current clients and prospective customers who would benefit from your goods and services—then reach out directly to start the conversation. Plus, PitchBook can help you anticipate when companies are primed for acquisition, as well as monitor those opportunities and jump when the time is right.

PitchBook Investors & Buyers search showing a list of potential investors with their AUM, available dry powder, and investment preferences.

Map out your exit

Be prepared when it comes time to exit. Search for and evaluate potential buyers based on their previous investments, available dry powder, fund performance and investment preferences. Get connected with advisors and service providers—including investment banks, lawyers, accountants and lenders—who can help.

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