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Streamlined cash flow forecasting for accurate portfolio construction

Portfolio forecasting for allocators

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PitchBook platform showing cash flow models built from historical fund data.

Gain confidence in your cash flow projections

Developed and tested by PitchBook’s Institutional Research Group, our proprietary, probabilistic cash flow models are built from our robust historical fund data. With these models, you can confidently forecast the cash flows of private market funds and develop a commitment schedule to achieve your target allocations.

Allocator Solutions: Cash Flow Forecasting and Commitment Pacing

Explore our cash flow forecasting and commitment pacing modeling methodology

While the prospect of boosted returns is enticing, introducing private market structures to a portfolio presents unique challenges. Namely, LPs must balance the need to meet capitals with maximizing returns and reaching a target allocation. In this featured report, we address these obstacles, introducing our cash flow forecasting and commitment pacing models developed by PitchBook analysts.

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PitchBook platform showing how to add a portfolio of funds to generate a cash flow model.

Streamline your portfolio forecasting process

With flexibility to add individual funds or select from PitchBook funds and set pacing criteria, you can quickly generate a model and bring analysis straight into your workflow. Plus, easily modify criteria within your portfolio and pick up where you left off.

PitchBook’s portfolio forecasting solution showing how to export data visualizations.

Integrate data and analysis into your portfolio construction

With insights into forecasted cash flow profiles across fund strategies, historical commitments and yearly commitment schedules, you can better inform when and how you need to deploy capital to meet portfolio targets. Utilize data visualization tools and charts to easily surface the information you need.

PitchBook cash flow modeling solution showing how to create future commitment schedules.

Take your portfolio forecasting to scale

With flexibility to generate various cash flow outcomes based on multiple scenarios, you can exchange traditional in-house spreadsheet models for dynamic, custom alternatives that allow you to create up to 50 portfolios and add up to 250 funds per portfolio into the platform.

“PitchBook combines data I can trust with a user-friendly interface that enables me to make informed investment decisions in the most efficient manner.”

—Phillip Rich, Investment Professional, Fox Rock Capital

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