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Advbeca Ltd is a consulting firm focused on guiding companies through change, whether that’s growth for a startup, divestiture for a large enterprise, a merger or acquisition. Advbeca provides strategic and operational support through deal structuring, financing and closing for companies on both the buy and sell sides of a transaction.

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Alessandro Scala
Managing Partner, Advbeca


Year founded

UK, Italy



Challenges and objectives

On the buy side, the Advbeca team assists with due diligence, ensuring that the investor is in a position to navigate and weather the risks associated with the investment process. On the sell side, Advbeca is primarily focused on introducing foreign investors to the Italian market. While Advbeca’s advisors are well-connected in key European markets, they wanted to cast a broader net, reaching businesses and investors worldwide. Furthermore, the firm places a high priority on creating synergistic deals. To do that, it wanted to better understand the personal, cultural and values-based alignment in the deals it creates.

“There’s plenty of capital, but there is a shortage of good assets. PitchBook is a great tool for helping us gain these insights and find new opportunities."

—Alessandro Scala, Managing Partner


PitchBook was a game changer for Advbeca in terms of broadening its reach and scope. PitchBook has made it easy for Advbeca to connect with a wide range of prospects including financial institutions, private equity, venture capital, mezzanine debt and high net worth individuals from throughout the globe.

In its efforts to structure successful, synergistic deals and partnerships, Advbeca's advisors work hard to understand the soft skills of the company. In their experience with PitchBook, users have found that PitchBook enables easy access to details and data it would not otherwise have. The firm uses PitchBook to:

  • Research company leaders and their business history, assessing whether they’ll be a good fit and effectively lead expansion efforts
  • Conduct in-depth analysis on specific business segments, as well as specific companies and people it may want to target
  • Monitor transactions in a particular sector, and create clusters of investors based on strategies, locations, type of deals, and more
  • Get accurate and up-to-date contact information for people who can help a client meet its business goals
  • Stay abreast of news impacting the business

“The perspective of a truly global data source is incredibly valuable as we help our clients expand their reach and tap into new markets."

—Alessandro Scala, Managing Partner

Growing forward

In just a few months, PitchBook has helped Advbeca carve out a unique position and offering to clients. The firm’s leaders and advisors take a long-term approach, working on a deal for six to nine months to identify the right investor, ensure a successful partnership and see the relationship through closing to the liquidity event. PitchBook helps them advise and grow businesses with confidence.

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