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In a previous article, we walked you through how to create a list of target LPs using PitchBook. Now that you’ve identified a list of investors, we’re going to show you how to dive deeper into their profiles to see commitments and current allocations.

Understanding and evaluating an LPs investment history and preferences is an important part of the fundraising and due diligence workflow. Detailed data on institutional investors—including mandates, target and actual allocations, past and present commitments and investment preferences—helps you find the investors most likely to commit to your fund. This makes it easier to prioritize which LPs to pursue and tailor your pitch to their goals. 

There are more than 32,000+ limited partners (LPs) tracked on PitchBook. Here’s how you can leverage PitchBook to quickly dig into investors’ previous commitments and current allocations.

Researching commitments and current allocations

Once you’ve created your list, PitchBook makes it easy to dig into their profiles to discover how best to pitch them. 
From a Limited Partners search results page, you will see sub-tabs along the top: Commitments, Mandates and People. Each of these tabs can be used to dive deeper on LP data. The ‘Commitments’ tab is specifically curated to empower discovery and understanding of past and present commitments by LPs. View breakdowns of commitments by LP or by specific commitment criteria and see where capital is going. You can use these insights to inform prospective LPs how your fund’s strategy will fit into their investment portfolio and add value to it. You can also strategically target which LPs to reach out to first—and reach dollars you may be missing out on. 


Want to learn more about how your firm can raise its next fund more efficiently? Download our Fundraising Guide below. It provides step-by-step instructions on how you can leverage PitchBook to quickly pick your own precise peer group, present a benchmark that highlights the value of your investment strategy and prioritize which investors to pursue—and tailor your pitch to their goals—using insights on their mandates, allocations, commitments, preferences and more.

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